The reality of a part time working mum

Being a mum is hard, being a stay at home mum is hard, being a part time working mum is hard and I can imagine being a full time working mum being extremely hard!

See the thing is no matter what we do in terms of work we will be judged, if we go back to soon after birth we ‘don’t care’ if we don’t go back to work we are lazy and if we go back full time we’re neglectful! There’s just no winning.

But what’s hard is how it’s made so hard to return to work whether you want to or not, fortunately for me I have family members who can look after my son 2 days a week so I can go and do my 12 hour shifts to try and make ends meet.

That’s the thing that’s wrong here though, I may not work as many hours as I would like to but I work what I can without making a loss by paying for childcare, but even then it’s doesn’t make ends meet. Being young working parents is hard, my partner works full time and is on minimum wage I work 24 hours a week just over minimum wage.

Running a household is hard, its costly and most importantly because we both put into the system by working we get no help. It’s soul destroying and crippling not because we don’t have money to go out and do nice things but because we can barely afford to keep the car running, make family occasions ect.

It’s sad really the world we live in now when before one persons average wage would be enough to keep the household running comfortably. 

It’s the era and government that makes everything so money motivated, don’t you just wish life wouldn’t always revolve around a piece of paper that does nothing but raise your stress levels and cause nothing but greed. 


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