Remember why we did this, remember why it’s worth it, remember you’re still beautiful

As a woman, a mum, we naturally make friends who are going through a similar situation. We make friends with other mums, and as mums we always certainly have one thing in common. Our beautiful babies. But almost every other mum you make friends with have another thing in common with you, they’re unhappy with their post birth body. 

Now post birth bodies might not be in the top 10 for most attractive bodies but what we forget is that our bodies accommodated our babies for 9 whole months (some longer some shorter) we created a perfect tiny little person.

Our body turned an egg into something pretty bloody amazing. Our bodies did what some women long to do who can’t. Our bodies fed and protected our babies for what feels like the longest time of your life. Our bodies created tiny little fingers and toes. Our bodies created a human alarm clock.

Not once has someone turned and said to me, eww your body looks disgusting, but yet for months it’s what I made myself believe? My partner tells me everyday a few stretch marks doesn’t make any less attractive, I still didn’t believe it. But then one day I looked at myself and then I looked at my baby and I just knew if I was to do it again I would. These marks show our journey together, these marks are proof of life. These marks don’t define me as a person but they do define me as a mother, and for the first time in a while I look at my body with love and pride. I did this because a few marks is a small price to pay for a life time of love, joys, tears, tantrums and all the other amazing stuff that comes along with being a parent. 

So yeah, a mum tum isn’t the most attractive thing ever, but you know what your body took 9 months to grow a baby it will take 9 months to get back and then you can decide on how you would like to work on it. But I’ve gotten over this whole pressuring myself to be skinny, my hips are wider, my bum is bigger, my skin is stretched more than before I had my baby. I’ve come to terms that I will never have the body I had before I had my baby, but do you know what? That’s fine with me because I have someone who when he wakes me up he has the biggest smile on his face, I have someone who relies on me to get him through life, I have someone who makes every little bit of my mum tum 100% completely worth it. 

And after a hell of a few years of some real bad crap happen, I’ve felt happiness I never thought I would ever feel again, I’ve not had any more ‘down days’. This boy, my mum tum has made me the strong, happy, mindful, patient and loving person I hoped to have been again one day. 

Ladies our bodies aren’t ugly, they’re amazing. They’re made for this. They created all this love and hapiness and if that isn’t enough hopefully one day it will be 💕


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